For all of you who missed Part 1: Tag based content remarketing, I highly recommend you check it out before reading on.

Email ROI is on the decline

Email is still the most used communication channel, yet most companies don’t reach an open rate of >30%, or a click-through rate of more than 10%. That’s not hard to understand when you look at your own inbox, every email is on average competing with over 40 other emails (and that’s not even a crowded inbox).

Generating leads FAST with a content-funnel


On average a visitor only comes across your blog or other content on you website only once, and if you can’t capture those visitors on that one visit, you’ve practically lost them forever. Even if you’re able to convert them on that first visit you’ll often see your email going straight to the spam folder.


I know, I promised leads, and FAST.. And I aim to please: by creating custom remarketing audiences on Facebook, LinkedIn or Adwords you can quickly build visitors profiles,
which in turn allow you to retarget your visitors across all the networks they use. The key reasons for doing this is:
  1. Visibility: Facebook ads have the highest visibility rate across all platforms. 
  2. More relevant audience reach at reduced costs: Retargeting on social is often a lot cheaper than the CPC’s you’d pay for Search Ads. 
  3. Audience size: Not only are you able to consolidate multiple audiences into interest based remarketing audiences, but you are also able to create look-alike audiences on lot’s of these platforms which enables you to expand your reach even further.
  4. Improved CTR: Customers who already know your content and see supplementary content provided (especially when using interest based remarketing audiences) which is in the next stage of the content funnel are often more quickly seduced to take that next step.
  5. A/B Testing your content: we all know that content is aimed to move your prospect through the funnel, but what content is most effective at creating new customers… Remarketing over social gives you the possibility to generate a lot of traffic quickly and decide which content-track you should prioritize 

Getting back to the leads:

By organizing multiple touch points you’ll build brand capital with your prospects, all while the lower levels of your content-funnel allow you to use progressive profiling tactics.By the time you finally get your prospect to complete your form you’ll already know what to talk to them about and how warm they are in their buyers journey.


A quick present: Creating interest based Facebook remarketing audiences on the fly with WordPress


First things first, creating interest based Facebook remarketing audiences with WordPress is as easy as tagging your content and using the right plugin.

If you don’t know it yet you might want to grab Pixel Caffeine by our friends at AdEspresso. Pixel Caffeine allows you to create audiences based on the tags and other taxonomies (like categories) straight out of WordPress itself. As you proceed to create new content you quickly expand your audiences on the fly by adding the correct tags.
By also creating ‘mini-audiences’ which are content specific, you’ll be able to define stages of interest and get a clear overview on where customers are in your funnel and which types of content you’d be best off creating to acquire new leads.

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