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Hiring an online marketing expert?

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A project that requires a specific skillset? Or are you running into the (temporary) unavailability of one of your key marketing collaborators? I’m here for you! A true all-round profile that’s comfortable in everything on- and offline marketing related. My skillset is the ideal blend between strategic insights and the necessary hands-on capabilities. I view myself as the short-term partner that’ll help you realize long-term results.

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Strategic advice that goes beyond that basic repetition of SEO, SEA, social & content marketing that you’ve heard over and over again.

To reach your target audience on any budget through out-of-the box holistic marketing campaigns.

Tech-heavy digital marketing using marketing automation for maximum efficiency.

What to expect:

Marketing strategy:

Transforming vision into opportunity

Strategy is at the foundation of everything, throughout the years we’ve developed the Mushin framework. The Mushin framework is compromised out of a number of playbooks for every marketing goal out there. We use it as a guiding principle to make the right decisions on the channels & formats we’ll be using to support your broader marketing- and communication strategy.

Marketing campaign management

Results that’ll make you proud!

Content marketing to attract new prospects, nurture flows that automatically get those prospect ready for their (next) purchase. Remarketing your non-convertors to better their perception of your brand via a vast array of social strategies?

I have to admit: Building cross-channel marketing campaigns is probably the thing that I, myself find the most enjoyable. As enjoyable as you’ll find our results.

tech-heavy digital marketing

Building & using complex data models, shadow profiles, unified tracking cookies, marketing automation and a variety of tag managers to achieve a complete 360° view of your customers the likes that are usually reserved for the Googles, Facebooks & LinkedIns of the world?

It’s what I do best!

By managing your technical implementations we’ll make sure that you remain one (or even a few) steps ahead of your competitors. You’ll be able to handle customer engagement across a multitude of channels quicker & more efficiently which results in higher marketing ROI.

No risk?

Imagine that you could fill the hole that your colleague left or bring a whole new level of expertise to your organization in one day. Wouldn’t that be great?

Let me clear up any doubts you might have

By performing a free project analysis. In a few lines we’ll compile a free project plan and a strategy that we can agree on with an ideal timeline and the milestones that we’ll be working towards. That project plan constitutes the first deliverable of our collaboration and once again, it’s all for free.

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