Interim Marketing Management

Experience & expertise for organisations in flux.

An marketing manager to temporarily reinforce your marketing team?

There’d better be a good reason…
Often there’s a period of unexpected growth or the loss of one of your managers at the core of these types of staffing requests. And no organization has the 6 months required to look for a replacement or train someone. No, your organization needs someone to help you ensure continuity by translating your goals in a concrete plan of action that leads to the results you deserve.

Areas of expertise


Laying the foundation of your (new) marketing department.

Expert projects:

Specialty tracks like crisis management, rebranding, etc.

Ad interim marketing management:

Continuity & results, without the politics.

Some more detail:


You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. The same rings true for your marketing department.

I build marketing strategies based on your organization’s goals. Foundational work like market research or identifying the right channels to reach your ideal customer. Taking the next steps like implementing marketing automation & nurture flow automation to arrive at a fully automated acquisition strategy. Or even selecting and/or training your employees. My promise to you is that when I leave, I leave you with a fully equipped and self-regulating marketing department.

Because your success, is my success

Expert projects

Every company, sooner or later, has to restructure their way of working. You’ll discover that, for some specialty tracks like rebranding exercises or creating new customer experiences, you’ll need to work across the borders of the marketing department.

And that while you might have employees that are more than capable of managing your day-to-day marketing operations you’ll deliver results more quickly and efficiently by adding an interim marketing manager to the mix as they’re able to avoid office politics.

Ad interim marketing management

Temporary assignments need little explanation.

Dealing with the (temporary) unavailability of your most prominent employees often presents a challenge. No matter the length of the assignment, I’ll make sure that your marketing department remains properly coordinated. During this process we’ll continue to create added value by managing your team, by optimizing your resources, by operating efficiently within budget and by delivering existing projects on-target while maintaining your strategic marketing initiatives.

Together we’ll transform risk into opportunity.


When you pick a temporary manager you’ll have to take a lot of variables into account. You might want to work with a number of the well-known staffing agencies (and pay the matching fees) or you might opt for an independent contractor. But how will you assert quality? How can you ensure yourself of the match between the corporate strategy you’ve chosen and my vision of how we should handle your specific challenges?

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating”, as they say. So allow me take away your doubts: I’ll offer you a free one hour consultation to discuss your project. By doing so we’ll both feel at easy and have a clear strategy before the first billable day has passed.

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