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    Our marketing audits

    When we talk about marketing audits we're not talking about your basic run-off-the-mill marketing audit where we run segmentation models on your marketing database and give you some very general insights. We're talking about building a detailed analysis of your current efforts in:

    • SEO
    • PPC
    • Social
    • Content marketing

    Based on this analysis we can often offer suggestions on how to restructure and/or improve the cohesion between these channels to offer superior results and ROI.

    Customer acquisition

    Businesses lose 10 to 25% of their existing customer base year-over-year. That makes it all the more important to gain new customers. Automated acquisition flows can help you reach this goal. they'll deliver you with new sales. Every day of the week and require little to no action on your part.

    Revenue automation

    Cross-selling helps you build customer lifetime value and increases customer loyalty. Even though getting your sales to contact your entire contact base is more often than not a shot in the dark. Imagine having a system that automatically segments your customer base and sees which of them hold sales potential? That very same system can automatically nurture your existing customers, turning them over once they're hot enough for your sales guy to get in touch!

        Marketing as a service

        We've all worked with agencies that promised us results but insisted they were paid based on the time they spent working on your account. Marketing as a service was designed to bring our customers the efficiency of an agency with the commitment of an internal collaborator. We'll work with you to analyze or start up your campaigns, optimize them and will only take a percentage based on the return associated with that campaign. Ensuring that our success is a direct result of your success.